Charitable Tax Credits: How much will you get back?

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December 31st is fast-approaching. But before you put on your party clothes to celebrate and ring in the New Year, remember this day also marks your last chance to make your 2013 tax-back charitable donations!
Giving starts with a passion to support charities and causes, but shouldn’t stop there. Charitable work is key to making our local communities, country and world a better place. That’s why the Canadian governments offer significant tax credits to encourage all Canadians to give generously.
If you already claim your charitable donations on your annual tax return, you know what a difference government tax incentives make. Simply put, there is no easier way to make your charitable giving dollars work harder.
This year, we want to help you calculate your savings! Whether you’re a first time donor or a tone-time perennial giver, you can use our charitable tax credit calculator to see the difference tax credits can make. Calculate your savings now.
Then, imagine the possibilities of how much more you can give or what you can do with some extra money in your pocket! Watch our tax time video for more ideas on stretching your giving dollars.

For more information on our tax calculator and the Canadian government tax credits, visit our website!

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