Calling All Teachers & Educators: Bring GivingTuesday to the Classroom

School is not just a place to teach the fundamentals of math, science, and arts, it’s also a place where educators teach kindness and giving. This is especially important during the holidays when children can get wrapped up finalizing their holiday gift lists.

GivingTuesday: How will you participate?

Not sure where to start?

GivingTuesday is the perfect opportunity to teach the importance of giving.  On Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014, GivingTuesday will be celebrated all across Canada, and internationally around the world. Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is a day to give back, in whatever way you choose, but it is also an opportunity to teach the importance of philanthropy to our youngest generations.

At CanadaHelps, we have rounded up some creative ways that schools, campuses, and educators can get their students involved in this year’s GivingTuesday.  Have a great charitable idea you don’t see listed below? Tweet them to us @canadahelps using the hashtag #GivingTuesdayCA.

Create a Classroom Charity ChallengeYellow Fundraise Bubble

Pick a charity, and create a school-wide competition!  Whichever classroom raises the most funds for the school’s chosen charity could win a great prize like a pizza lunch, a play day, a school trip, or special privileges.  Or, encourage each classroom to choose their own charity in an effort to inspire students to take responsibility for their giving strategy and learn all about the hundreds of causes and thousands of charitable organizations in Canada.

CanadaHelps Fundraising Pages are a free and easy way to set up online fundraising campaigns in the classroom!

Host a Charity ‘Show and Tell’ Day

For students in younger grades, ask each student to research and make a presentation about their favourite charity, or a charity they’ve just learned more about. Encourage them to research charities in their local community, or international charities serving missions abroad. Sharing knowledge and ideas with kids about how they can help the world will jump start a generation of philanthropists and social innovators.

Challenge Kids to Change the World

Kids have big ideas, but often don’t get the audience to share them with. Ask your students to identify something they see as a problem in the world, then challenge them: can they come up with one big idea to help the situation, and one small change they can make in their own lives to work towards a larger goal? Maybe you’ll inspire the next Craig Kielburger. You’ll definitely inspire ideas!


Host a Giving Fair

For students in high school, college, or university, a GivingTuesday Giving Fair is a great way to teach students about various charitable causes and inform them of the many ways they can give back.  Just like the University of Guelph did last year, invite local charitable and not-for-profit organizations to showcase volunteer opportunities for students to lend their talents and gain valuable work experience while also making a charitable difference.

Guelph Giving Fair

Give Back as a Group!

Giving back through volunteering is a great way to teach students the importance of contributing to society in positive ways. Take a trip to a local shelter, food bank, or animal rescue and volunteer as a class. Or, visit a park near your school and spend some time cleaning it up, making it a more enjoyable place for all.

Inspire Others with Your GivingTuesday Story!

GivingTuesday is all about supporting charitable and nonprofit organizations. It’s also about inspiring others, sharing that you think giving back is important, and offering tangible examples of ways we can give back. Why not share your classroom GivingTuesday story with others? It’s as easy as submitting a 200-500 word write up on your GivingTuesday activity. Submit your story and we’ll share it with the CanadaHelps Giving Life community in order to inspire more schools to participate in GivingTuesday 2015!

There are many ways to get involved in GivingTuesday, and spark the spirit of giving in students. However you choose to get involved, show your support for GivingTuesday on December 2, 2014. 

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