If you use Internet Explorer, it’s time to get a new browser!

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CanadaHelps builds innovative technology that empowers all charities to easily fundraise online, and connects all Canadians to give to the charities and causes they care about.

As of September 2021, CanadaHelps will stop supporting all versions of Internet Explorer. We are following the lead of Microsoft, who are also ending support for Internet Explorer.

To ensure the best possible experience using CanadaHelps to fundraise or when supporting charities that use CanadaHelps, we recommend you download the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox today. 

What happens if I continue to use Internet Explorer?

Starting in March 2021, you will see reminders when using CanadaHelps prompting you to update your browser. If you continue to use Internet Explorer, you may encounter a degraded experience when browsing CanadaHelps.org, donating, fundraising, or engaging in any of our other offerings. You may still be able to donate on CanadaHelps.org until January 2022, but after that, you will likely experience issues. 

Once we officially stop supporting Internet Explorer, we’ll update the reminder message. You may not see any changes immediately but over time your experience may become less than optimal, and some features may no longer work. 

What can you do?

Update your browser to the latest version of Microsoft Edge, use Google Chrome or use Mozilla Firefox using the links below: 

Download Microsoft Edge

Download Google Chrome

Download Mozilla Firefox

Have questions? Please contact us at info@canadahelps.org. We are happy to help!

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