Canadians made a difference in 2021!

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2021 was a challenging year for many Canadians. Charities have continued to struggle in 2021, many of which have experienced significant increases in demand for services but fewer resources and funding. As we weathered the second year of a global pandemic, we came together nationwide to make a difference and showcase incredible generosity. 

In total, Canadians donated $465,257,445 to charities in 2021 using CanadaHelps! These donations have helped tackle food insecurity, support mental health, provide communities with social services, and so much more.

Canadians gave on average $442 dollars using CanadaHelps, and more than 968,500 Canadians gave to over 31,700 charities. In total, more than 3.2 million donations were made!

Canadians made a difference month after month.

Many Canadians committed to being generous by giving throughout the year with a monthly donation. More than $34.2 million was donated in monthly gifts, an increase of 21% from 2020. A monthly donation provides so many charities with a sense of stability, enabling them to better focus on their mission while being able to worry less about constant fundraising. They also allow Canadians to plan their giving and maximize their impact.

A strong stock market drove giving through securities!

In 2021, many Canadians took full advantage of the benefits of donating securities. More than $31.9 million was donated in securities, a remarkable 91% increase from 2020. By donating securities directly to a charity, investors can eliminate the capital gains tax. This means that more money will go to charity, and the investor will get a larger charitable tax credit. It is a great way to give!

Canadians gave to causes close to their heart.

In 2021, CanadaHelps launched Unite for Change, a place where Canadians can make the world a better place by learning about issues, helping to spread the word, or giving to a cause they care about.

Unite for Change is home to Cause Funds, a new and innovative way to give to a cause close to your heart. When a donation is made to a Cause Fund, your gift makes a broad and lasting impact by supporting a group of trusted charities working towards the same cause.

In total, the 35 Cause Funds available on CanadaHelps raised more than $1.4 million to support 3,956 charities.

CanadaHelps is here for all charities — no matter how big or small.

2021 brought on new challenges for charities of all sizes and Canada’s 86,000 charities have continued to adapt to the new challenges brought about by COVID-19.

In 2021 we saw continued challenges brought on by COVID-19 as charities of all sizes felt the effects of the pandemic. Canada’s 86,000 charities have continued to adapt while facing new challenges along the way. To support charities as they pivot to the ever-changing new normal, CanadaHelps has continued to offer a variety of educational resources and fundraising tools to help charities raise more for their cause. 

In 2021, more than 14,000 charity professionals accessed our webinars, a 41% increase from 2020. Charities learned how to optimize their fundraising, gained knowledge of new trends in the charitable sector, and gained insights and skills they can use to adapt to the new charitable landscape. In addition, we now have more than 25,000 charities registered with CanadaHelps, a 6% increase from 2020. These charities rely on our affordable and easy-to-use fundraising tools to continue their important work and meet their fundraising goals. 

Canadians made a difference together, but socially distant. 

Even though many in-person fundraisers and events continue to remain on pause, Canadians found ways to bring their friends, families, communities, and loved ones together to get behind a meaningful cause. More than $7.3 million was raised by Canadians who launched a CanadaHelps fundraiser!

2021 and COVID-19 have continued to challenge Canadians, however, it is inspiring to see relentless generosity and resiliency in the Canadian charitable sector. 2021 has reiterated the importance of charities as they have gone above and beyond to support communities during such a trying time. Charities act as a beacon of hope for so many communities worldwide. They feed those in need, shelter those facing homelessness, protect our planet, and do so much more. 

Moving into 2022, CanadaHelps is committed to supporting charities and helping them thrive by making it easy for Canadians to give. More than $2 billion has been raised through CanadaHelps over our 21 years online. We are truly grateful to more than 3.3 million Canadians who have chosen to give with CanadaHelps and support Canadian charities. After such an inspiring year, we are excited to see how generous Canadians are in 2022! 

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6 Responses to “Canadians made a difference in 2021!”

  1. Sylvia Mortson

    This update was interesting. Thank you.

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  2. W.Wright

    Being an animal lover,I give almost exclusively to animal charities since these charities are the least considered and underfunded compared to the “human” charities. They are run by mostly volunteers who give of their time and energy to help and protect these vulnerable animals. Not to minimize the importance of funding human research or disaster aid but I wish more people would consider giving even a little bit towards animal charities, a little given by more people would help these struggling charities immensely.

     •  Reply
  3. Malcolm Burrows

    Congratulations on these outstanding results for the charities of Canada.

     •  Reply
  4. M. Williamson

    Thank you for sharing this. I believe transparency makes a big difference and I appreciate your putting this together. I will be donating again in the near future.

     •  Reply
  5. Barb Baszczynski

    It’s great to see so many people finding it in their hearts to give. There are so many in need, in so many places. If everyone gave even a small amount somewhere, it would make such a difference everywhere. It is the best “thank you” that you can give to all the hard-working volunteers that give so tirelessly of themselves – they are the truly unsung heroes. Let’s all open our hearts and our wallets, and make this world a better place.

     •  Reply
  6. Cindy Lewis

    I was happy to support charities.

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