Canada Revenue Agency Data Now on Your Charity’s Impact Page

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Canada Revenue Agency Data Now on Your Charity’s Impact Page

Every day, thousands of donors visit our one-stop-shop on to discover new causes and donate. Our study of donors revealed that what donors need to give, or give more, is insights on your organization’s impact and financials.

To better serve donors that visit, in April 2016, we enabled your charity to share its impact story and results on its Impact Page on CanadaHelps. Now, we’ve added a small selection of key data points from Canada Revenue Agency*.

Update Your Impact Page and Put Your Best Foot Forward

Every charity’s profile on now includes Canada Revenue Agency data, but it’s up to you to add your impact story and results to inspire donors to support your organization. Click here to watch our how-to video to learn how to update yours. Or, log into your CanadaHelps charity account and click “Impact Page” in the “Profile” area of your account.

Update My Impact Page


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*Please note that there is a delay between your charity’s submission to Canada Revenue Agency and the availability of such data to CanadaHelps. For more information on how to update your data with CRA, please visit the CRA website.

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