Our Partner Network is Growing – And Canadian Charities Benefit!

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Today, we want to tell you about one of the exciting ways we’re inspiring giving in Canada and making it easier to donate online. By partnering with carefully selected organizations, we’re connecting more Canadians to charities, through initiatives like employee engagement and loyalty programs.

In turn, charities across Canada, such as yourself, can benefit from increased donations. In fact, you may already be receiving donations through our partnership program! How can I tell?

Meet our Newest Partner

Recently, we partnered with Mylo, a financial investment app with high appeal to young Canadian adults. The app allows users to round up the dollar amount of their purchases to save and invest their money. Now through our new “Round Up to Give” partnership, Mylo customers can round up their purchases to give to any charity!


Other Types of Partnerships We Enable

  1. CanadaHelps partners with employee engagement platforms to power employee giving, corporate matching, grant making and disaster relief efforts for corporations with employees who work and live in Canada. By integrating CanadaHelps donation processing solutions into platforms that reach hundreds of thousands of Canadian employees every day, any Canadian charity, like yours, could be the beneficiary of these partnerships.
  2. CanadaHelps partners with funeral homes to allow tribute and in-memory giving to be a personal and meaningful experience. CanadaHelps donation solutions provide families and friends a way to honour a loved one by donating to a charity that was close to their heart.
  3. CanadaHelps partners with loyalty programs to bring the gift of giving to Canadians who want to use their rewards to benefit others. CanadaHelps gift cards and other donation solutions convert loyalty points into the opportunity to make a donation to any Canadian charity, big or small, local or national.

What You Need to Know:

  • You’re already set up to benefit! Our partnerships typically allow giving to any registered Canadian charity.
  • You can easily identify a donation from a CanadaHelps partner program. In your downloadable CanadaHelps donation reports, the donation source of these types of donations are labelled as “CanadaHelps Partner Giving Program”.
  • You may notice varying fees based on the partnership. In cases like Mylo, while we have banking and administrative costs, we are able to reduce our fees by avoiding credit card processing. As a result, a lower fee is deducted from these donations. In other cases, varying fees apply. Click here to learn more about partner fees.


We’re here to help. Please email us at partners@canadahelps.org.

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