This January, Start the New Year with a Grateful Heart

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An excerpt from the CanadaHelps 2018 Fundraising Calendar. Download the full calendar here

The majority of donations are made during the holiday season. With this in mind, be sure to put aside enough time in January so that you can properly show your donors how grateful you are for their generosity. You can send a ‘Thank You’ card, make phone calls, pay visits, or even consider writing personalized emails. Ultimately, we recommend that you make it a priority to show your donors the tangible impact of their donations. Thanking your donors and sharing your results will help them feel like a part of your team and help them develop a deeper interest in your goals. Don’t forget, it’s easier and less expensive to retain a donor than it is to acquire a new one!

Did you know?

CanadaHelps offers many tools to help you share your impact story and thank donors.

  • Get access to donor information for gifts made through CanadaHelps and personalize donation confirmation emails when you use Customizable Donation Forms.
  • Send a timely thank you note to donors who give to you through with our easy-to-use Thank You tool.
  • Update your charity’s Impact Page on with your results, testimonials, programs and more.

Want to learn more about impact? CanadaHelps has proudly partnered with PHINEO, a Berlin-based non-profit analysis and consulting company for effective societal engagement, to provide charities across Canada a complimentary copy of the Social Impact Navigator. It’s full of step-by-step explanations and practical examples for becoming a truly impact-oriented organization.
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Awareness Days in January 2018

January 18: International Religion Day
January 23 International Freedom Day
January 26: International Environmental Education Day
January 27: International Holocaust Remembrance Day
January 30: International Day of Nonviolence and Peace Day

Download the 2018 Fundraising Calendar

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