Building Brands that Connect with Donors and Stakeholders

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In the webinar, Building Brands that Connect with Donors & Stakeholders, CanadaHelps joined Lori and Sean from The Connected Brand to learn how strong brands are built and how branding can strengthen organizations in the charitable sector.

What is a brand?

A brand is not a logo, neither is it a product or service. A brand is actually a person’s connection and feeling about a product, service or organization. It is their emotional response, not driven directly by company sales.

A brand encompasses three important traits: resiliency, which is being able to adapt in a changing marketing environment while maintaining flexibility; connectivity which evaluates how donors engage with the journey of your brand, how are they engaged and inspired? And lastly, relevancy, which is having a brand platform that generates ideas and opportunities, as well as identifying aspects that resonate with your donors.

To begin your brand management, ask yourself…how do your donors feel about you?

Watch the webinar recording on-demand here!

Want to skip the webinar intro? The presentation begins at 3:40.


View the presentation slides below.


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2 Responses to “Building Brands that Connect with Donors and Stakeholders”

  1. Jennifer Yee Fairweather

    I won’t be able to attend this webinar and hope it will be offered again in the future. We are working on a brand refresh and any additional trends and tips I can share with my Board would be great!

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    • CanadaHelps

      Hi Jennifer,

      So sorry you can’t attend. If you do register though, you will receive a link to the recording and slides in case that is helpful!