The First High Quality and Affordably Priced Online Donor Acquisition & Retention Course

Marina 2I want to share something very special with you – something that I personally have been working on for over a year and that means a lot to me: today we’re launching our very first Online Donor Acquisition & Retention Course.

As you know, we’re passionate about strengthening the charitable sector and levelling the playing field by eliminating differences in access to education between small and big charities. We do that by offering charity training webinars, the Charity Life Blog, and now with the launch of this course.

Declining response rates, increased postage costs, and shifting consumer habits make it paramount for charities to improve their digital skills and develop a strategy for building online donations – it’s not a nice-to-have any more, it’s a matter of survival.

How will your charity benefit from this course?

Available at both a beginner and intermediate level, I worked with recognized experts to develop the best and most current training content available. You’ll learn about:

  • Donor Acquisition: Increase web traffic and set-up or refine techniques for acquiring new donors online through effective website design, email & search marketing, Key Performance Indicators and using the right tools to help you succeed.
  • Donor Retention: Nurture your donors, and turn them into regular supporters through proper email marketing, testing and measurement techniques.
  • Analytics: Who is visiting your site and what does it take to convert them into a donor? Understanding analytics is essential for understanding the impact of your marketing efforts. Learning to set-it up and use Google Analytics properly will help you set goals and track your success.
  • Social Media: Engage with your supporters, communicate your impact, create strong campaigns, and build stronger relationships by maximizing this free communication channel while increasing organic traffic to your website.

GraphicWe’re offering this incredibly valuable course at a special rate of only $45 for the entire course because I believe it is essential that charities have access to the same educational opportunities available to for-profit organizations. Comparable courses are rarely available, and are priced at several hundred dollars – we’d rather see that money spent on your mission!

This course is very practical in nature, and I hope it will help you start setting up or refining a framework for profitable and scalable online donor acquisition and retention. Most importantly, I hope it will help you increase donations to support your mission and further enable you to inspire positive change in our world. I invite you to take advantage of this great opportunity to access top-notch quality content on digital fundraising and analytics at the extremely affordable rate – you won’t regret it!

Learn more about this course.

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