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This blog post was provided by Bailey Greenspon, Community Animator at Samara Canada.

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How many times this year have we wondered, “what’s up with 2016?” as drama unfolded in democracies around the world?

Yet in Canada, our democracy has had much to celebrate as of late. The 2015 election campaign inspired hundreds of community groups to engage and educate their members about the political process, and historically high numbers of young people turned out to the polls. This Canadian strength was not lost on President Obama when he spoke before the Parliament earlier this summer and boldly declared, “The world needs more Canada,” and this is the call that we at Samara Canada want to answer.

Growing Ideas and Engagement

Samara Canada, a national non-partisan charity dedicated to reconnecting citizens to democracy and increasing civic engagement. At Samara Canada we work to research and establish educational programming to shine a new light on Canada’s democratic system while encouraging greater political participation across the country.

Give Recognition

At Samara, we’re excited to be launching our fourth annual Everyday Political Citizen project! Each year, Canadians from across the country submit nominations on behalf of out the ordinary citizens working in big and small ways to make their communities better, and our democracy stronger. From August 30th to October 13th this year, you can submit a nomination for your Everyday Political Citizen.  We are also inviting Canadians to give recognition and tell us who you will nominate as an Everyday Political Citizen by tagging them with the hashtag #TheWorldNeedsMore on social media.

This fall, we’re working to heed President Obama’s call. Let’s reveal to the world the outstanding individuals who form the threads of our nation’s rich social fabric. Let’s show the world that Canada’s strength is its democracy by celebrating our diverse communities and, namely, those community members who make our country the envy of so many. Let’s introduce the world to Canada’s Everyday Political Citizens.

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Do you know a Hana? She’s a young newcomer, advocating on behalf of her peers at her local school board. What about someone like Mark? He uses creative tools to educate his community about the political process. Or what about, Sanaa? She brings out the people in her community by the hundreds to mobilize around issues they care about.

Maybe you know of one extraordinary person in your community who isn’t even aware of their political power and impact?

Beginning on August 30th, Samara is calling on you to send us their stories. We’ll profile them every week and a jury of prominent Canadians, including Rick Mercer, author Carmen Aguirre, and NHL defencemen Andrew Ference  will pick the most inspiring stories to profile.

We’re working to introduce the world to the Hana’s, Mark’s and Sanaa’s of your community, and together, we’ll proudly tell these stories to show the rest of the world that, in 2016, #TheWorldNeedsMore Everyday Political Citizens.

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