Roll Up Your Sleeves, Canada!

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Canadian Blood Services has issued an urgent appeal to all eligible Canadians to make a donation as the country’s blood supply is critically low—the lowest  blood supply the organization has seen since 2008. All blood types are required, but especially types A and O.

Part of our mission at CanadaHelps is to increase giving all across Canada. We want to share this important message with our community, and encourage those of you who are eligible to donate blood.

Roll Up Your Sleeves, Canada

For each minute that goes by, someone in Canada needs blood. But, it only takes one unit, one visit and one hour to grant someone a lifetime of happiness. It is that easy to save a life!

Canadian Blood Services makes booking an appointment easy! Visit their website to learn all the ways you can set up an appointment – you can book online, call, or even use the app.

Quick Facts*

  • Approximately 52 per cent of Canadians say they, or a family member, have needed blood or blood products for surgery or for medical treatment. Every minute of every day someone in Canada needs blood.
  • To meet anticipated hospital demand, Canadian Blood Services regularly collects 17,000 units of blood per week. On top of that regular requirement, we now need an immediate 7,500 blood donations, to replenish our lower than required inventory.
  • Soon Canadian Blood Services will have less than three days’ worth of inventory of our major blood groups on hand. The ideal level of inventory for blood products is between five and eight days.

Not Able To Give Blood?

There are many reasons why some Canadians are not eligible to give blood. But, there are other ways you can help! During this critically low time, please consider supporting the Canadian Blood Services through a monetary donation. You can learn more about Canadian Blood Services, and how to donate through their CanadaHelps charity profile page>>>

*Source: Blood Inventory in Critical Condition


On November 12, 2014, members of the CanadaHelps team gave blood at our local clinic. What a great way to help out and make our team stronger!


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