Take Action to Help Save the Amazon Rainforest

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Fires are ravaging Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, and so far it doesn’t look like there is an end in sight anytime soon.

More than 73,000 fires have been burning since the start of 2019, putting the Amazon in serious jeopardy of irreparable destruction. This is especially worrisome as the Amazon produces more than 20 percent of the world’s oxygen and is home to some of the most abundant biodiversity around the globe.

As the world watches in shock, many are wondering how they can help. Every day, Canadian charities are supporting conservation efforts to protect this critical ecosystem. Browse charities supporting conservation efforts to protect what is left of the Amazon that is in desperate need of your help.

Please give today and support these charities:

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4 Responses to “Take Action to Help Save the Amazon Rainforest”

  1. Jenn Bui

    Hoping this will help protect what’s remaining and contribute to the rebuild efforts.

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  2. Hassan Saberi

    For helping amazing rain forest conservation

     •  Reply
  3. Pam Elliott

    For the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy

     •  Reply
  4. Petra

    I donate as a gift for friends and family members birthdays.
    We already have everything it’s crazy to buy more useless stuff, and when people ask what you got for your birthday, the first thing they tell is, I saved a piece of rainforest, love it!
    Keep up the good work!

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