6 Charities Making a BIG Impact

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See how charities are saving lives, serving meals, and caring for those in need across Canada and around the world.

Everywhere you look, charities big and small are making a difference in Canada and around the world. From your local animal shelter to your community food bank, charities are doing extraordinary work each and everyday.

Using CanadaHelps, charities across the country are showcasing their impact by sharing how many meals they have served, how many animals they have rescued, or how many lives they have saved.

Here are just a few charities sharing their impact:

1. Aid sent to 2,977 Canadian disasters in 2018.

On average, the Canadian Red Cross provides disaster relief and humanitarian aid every 3 hours in Canada to vulnerable populations. In 2018 alone, their team responded to 2,977 disasters in Canada.

Photo courtesy of the Canadian Red Cross.

2. 4,454 animals rescued in Nova Scotia last year.

Every year Hope for Wildlife responds to over 20,000 calls to help injured or orphaned wildlife. On a daily basis, their team distributes over 300 bowls of food to feed wildlife across Nova Scotia.

Photo courtesy of Hope for Wildlife.

3. 487 people given permanent housing in 2018.

Helping people find place and purpose, Fred Victor has a 125 year-old history of helping Torontonians experiencing poverty and homelessness. Over 2,000 people use their services daily.

4. Connecting 200 organizations supporting refugees.

The Canadian Council for Refugees hosted 3 national meetings and 1 international conference in 2018 to strengthen efforts between organizations supporting refugees around the world.

Photo courtesy of the Canadian Council for Refugees.

5. Protecting 71,000 hectares for wildlife in BC.

The Nature Trust of British Columbia has conserved 490 critical properties in British Columbia to protect at-risk wildlife, fish and plants.

6. 4 million kg of food given to people in need each year.

On a mission to feed hungry neighbours, Edmonton’s Food Bank delivers over 500,000 meals and snacks every month.


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