7 Easy Ways to Give Back to the Planet

With climate change on the rise, we all need to do our part to protect the planet. As one of the greatest threats to life here on Earth, climate change is such a big issue that it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing how to take action.

From the time you wake up in the morning, until it’s time for bed, there are so many actions you can take to help reduce your environmental impact. Here are 7 easy changes you can make today that will have a BIG impact:

1. Shorten your morning shower.

It’s a treat to start your day with a nice hot shower, but water is a precious resource that we must conserve. By shortening your shower by even just a few minutes, you’ll save water that will add up over time. To further reduce your water consumption, avoid letting the shower run before you get in, or turn it off as soon as you’re done. Every little bit helps!

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Single-use plastics have become a major environmental issue. Every year, millions of metric tons of plastic end up in our landfills and water bodies, with a lot of this waste coming from coffee cups, lids, and straws. An easy way to reverse the trend is to grab a reusable coffee cup, mug, or water bottle as you head out the door in the morning. This will keep single-use plastic water bottles and coffee cups out of our landfills and oceans.  Some coffee shops even offer a discount if you bring your own mug, so you can save money while saving the planet—a win-win situation!

Use active transportation to get around.

While it’s easy to jump in the car and go, it’s not the best choice when it comes to saving the planet. Cycling or taking public transit are better options as they reduce the amount of harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases released into the air. If driving is your only choice to head into work, try carpooling with your coworkers to help reduce your carbon footprint.

4. Go meatless!

Choosing a vegetarian option when you’re out grabbing lunch is a great way to help save the earth. Animal products have a high carbon footprint because it requires a lot of resources to get them to your table. Even swapping out meat for just one meal per week can have a positive environmental impact.

5. Optimize your clothing.

Instead of asking your employer to turn up the heat or crank the air conditioner, optimize what you choose to wear. Changing the thermostat by just one degree can make a real difference in energy consumption throughout the year. Too cold? Grab a sweater! Are you finding the office a bit warm? Wear light and breathable clothing, grab an ice cold drink, and think about how you’re helping to save the planet!

6. Think before printing.

By only printing what is absolutely necessary, you’re doing your part to help reduce your consumption and save trees. Make sure to change your default printer settings to print double-sided when you do print, and make sure that any paper you use is recycled rather than thrown in the garbage.

7. Turn off electronics when not in use.

When your work day is over and you’re heading home, be sure to power down your computer and other technologies to avoid wasting unnecessary electricity overnight. You’ll make a big impact by turning off unused home electronics while you’re out during the day, while you’re sleeping , and when you leave the office. The planet and your wallet will thank you!

Now that you’ve realized how easy it can be to help save the planet, go on and implement these small changes into your daily life and you’ll start making a big difference.

Have another creative way to help save the planet? Comment below or share your ideas with CanadaHelps on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Or, if you’re feeling inspired to give to one of your favourite charities helping save the planet, browse environment charities on CanadaHelps and give today!

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4 Responses to “7 Easy Ways to Give Back to the Planet”

  1. Catherine Horan

    Thanks for that. I am already trying to do my bit, but we all need a reminder and motivation to do more!

     •  Reply
  2. Victor Harris

    Marina, please tell people that the number one thing they can do to save the planet is to give money to environmental charities and get others to do so, too. Give money to proven expert organizations that are already successfully fighting climate change. If, for example, Tree Canada received twice their annual charitable donations, they could plant and care for at least 10 million more trees, and stop more forest fires before they started and invest in new technologies to fight forest fires and help people whose lives have been affected by forest fires. That’s a lot of CO2 removal. A whole lot.

    Think of the work 4Oceans is doing to clean plastic from our oceans and prevent plastics from entering our waterways, lakes and oceans. Double or triple their charitable funding and that would make an unbelievable difference.

    If you could be part of the process to influence a million more Canadians to annually give to environmental charities, that would be e-mazing. Marina, you, and CanadaHelps can do it!

     •  Reply
  3. Diana Pronay

    When I walk my dog each day, I take an old shopping bag and a long picker-upper and I collect the garbage in my neighbourhood. It makes me feel I am doing something for our poor littered planet and the neighbourhood looks better as well.

     •  Reply
  4. Rika

    Wash most of your laundry in cold water and run dishwasher ( full load) during off peak hours.

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