20 Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Children are never too young to learn about the importance of giving back to those in need, and getting them interested in a cause that matters to them is a great first step! Not only does helping others feel great, when kids learn how much fun it can be to support their favourite cause, it will spark an interest in charitable giving that can stay with them for life.

Whether you’re looking for team fundraising ideas, fundraising event ideas, or use online fundraising to get kids involved, we’ve got ideas for you! Launch a fantastic fundraiser, with these easy and quick fundraising ideas to get kids big and small to fundraise for a great cause.

Get kids giving with these unique fundraising ideas.

  1. Have spare change? Host a change drive.
    Spare change can make great change. Grab an empty jar and set a goal to fill it with spare change. Kids can ask their grandparents, neighbours, dance teacher, or others to contribute their spare change in support of a great cause. Want to up the ante? Ask local businesses to participate by starting their own change drive and watch how quickly it all adds up!
  2. Guess for a great cause.
    All you need are jelly beans, a jar, and a box to hold the guesses! Kids can buy a ticket for their chance to guess how many jellybeans are in the jar for $2 each, or $20 for 20 guesses. The child who guesses the correct number of jelly beans in the jar gets to win the jar and share the candy with their friends. Plus, the money collected will support a great cause. A perfect idea for the classroom or community groups!
  3. Host a pizza party.
    Whether it’s at school or as part of a community group, arrange a pizza party and sell slices to students to raise funds for a great cause. A local pizza shop may even be willing to donate the pizza to show their support. It’s a delicious way to give back!
  4. Organize a themed walkathon.
    Holding a walk-a-thon is one of the best fundraising ideas and it  has immense fundraising potential. Get your kids having fun while giving back, and getting active by organizing a walk-a-thon. Plus, you can use a theme to get kids even more excited! Organize a Halloween or pajama walk-a-thon where kids can show off their costumes or comfy pajamas to their friends while walking the school halls or the neighbourhood park. Each child can ask for pledges from their family and friends to support a great cause.
  5. Host a cupcake decorating contest.
    Whip up a batch of cupcakes and have your kids invite their friends over for some decorating fun! The cupcakes can then be sold to friends and family who will vote for their favourite sweet treat and all money raised will be donated to a great cause. To reach an even wider audience to raise greater awareness for your chosen charity, take pictures of the decorated desserts and post them on social media to give friends and family far away a chance to judge the competition.
  6. Haircuts for charity.
    Have long locks ready to be chopped? Organize a hair cutting event for kids to get their long locks lopped or completely shaved off if their family and friends pledge to make a donation. Plus, with an online fundraising page, kids can collect donations easily, donations are sent straight to their selected charity, and supporters receive an instant tax receipt. Once the locks have been chopped, the haircut or shave can be recorded and posted online so everyone will get to see the results of their donation to a great cause!
  7. Did someone say BINGO!?
    Whether you organize a full day event, or an afternoon activity, kids can have fun while supporting a good cause! Charge a fee per bingo card, and award prizes like a fun snack, small toy, or even a one-day exemption on homework if you organize this at school. No student would be able to resist playing for that prize!
  8. Organize a talent show!
    Give kids a chance to showcase their talent while raising funds for charity. Whether it’s in the school gym, your local community centre, or even your own backyard, kids can sing, dance, and tell jokes all for a good cause. Sell tickets to friends and family, and your kids will love the opportunity to put on a show and support a great cause.
  9. Is it a bird? A plane? It’s a fundraising superhero!
    You don’t need it to be Halloween to wear a fun costume. When you organize a Superhero Day, you’ll teach kids that anyone can be a hero and make a difference. Students can dress up as their favourite superhero in exchange for a small donation. A great way to engage students, and a SUPER simple way to fundraise!
  10. Host a dog wash.
    Invite all the neighbourhood dogs over for a bath and a treat! Your kids and their friends can charge a fee per dog, and give them a bath while having fun with their furry friends. Plan for a warm sunny day, and put up posters and use social media to advertise. Everyone will have a PAWsitively great time at this fundraiser, even the dogs! Plus, you can make things event organizing even easier by launching an online fundraiser using CanadaHelps to send the funds directly to the charity of your choice.
  11. Go on a scavenger hunt.
    A great team fundraising idea is to get kids to team up and pay a fee to participate in a scavenger hunt in support of a great cause. Younger children can look for ordinary objects like an unsharpened pencil or a specific book, while older kids can be given puzzles or brain teasers to complete while they are on the hunt. A scavenger hunt can help kids develop problem solving skills, so everyone wins!
  12. Get crafty and host a sale.
    Whether it is beaded necklaces, ornaments, or painted rocks for the garden, homemade crafts are always a special touch for any outfit or living space. Kids can assemble crafts during school time or at home, and invite the community to attend the sale in the evening or on a weekend to ensure a big turnout. Your kids will feel good knowing that their hard work is benefiting a good cause.
  13. When life gives you lemons, fundraise with a lemonade stand!
    Sometimes a good old-fashioned lemonade stand is the easiest way to fundraise! Set up shop on the front lawn, and your kids and their friends can sell lemonade to passersby in the neighbourhood.
  14. Host an un-BEE-lievable fundraiser.
    Get kids excited about both learning and giving back! Host a spelling bee and charge admission for spectators, giving proceeds to the cause of your choice. Be sure to give the participants enough notice to practice their spelling to strengthen the competition. Remember, there is no “I” in team, and when we work together, we can fundraise even more for a cause we care about!
  15. Lend a helping hand.
    Do you have elderly neighbours who need help shoveling the driveway or raking leaves? How about getting your kids to help out their neighbours AND raise money for charity! Create flyers to hand out and be sure to mention that they are supporting a good cause.  Kids can choose to donate all the proceeds or keep a small percentage as a reward, but either way everyone will benefit.
  16. Share the love of reading.
    Most people have bookshelves filled with books they’ve already read, so a used book sale is a great way to buy books and keep kids reading, at a low cost. Hold the sale in your local park or community centre, and have kids bring in their gently used books to donate to the sale. They can then purchase books they haven’t yet read, with all proceeds going to charity!
  17. Catch some Z’s at school.
    Imagine how much fun it would be to hang out with your friends, watch movies, and have a sleepover, all while at school!? A school sleepover is a unique fundraising idea  that allows kids to bring their pillow and sleeping bag to spend the night on the gym floor making memories that will last all school year. A group of parent and teacher volunteers are essential for this idea, and students can be asked to give a small donation to attend. Plus, the evening could include a popcorn or bake sale table so kids can purchase their movie snacks, and a pancake breakfast can be held in the morning before all the parents coming to pick up their children. No one will want to miss out on this event, and your chosen charity will be the one who benefits the most.
  18. Organize a neighbourhood cleanup.
    Keeping our communities clean and vibrant starts with each one of us. A neighbourhood clean-up event is the perfect opportunity for kids to collect pledges that they will donate to their favourite charity. Both kids and community members can show they care about the environment and their neighbourhood while supporting a good cause.
  19. Showcase Canada’s diversity with a multicultural fair.
    Canadians come from all different backgrounds, so what better way to fundraise than to share our cultural differences at an event? At school, church, or your local community centre, kids can bring in a dish that represents their cultural background which they can then sell and raise funds for a great cause. For entertainment, kids can gather to perform traditional dances, sing songs, or wear clothing that showcases their cultural diversity. Attendees will be thrilled to experience a myriad of cultures in support of a worthy charity!
  20. Have fun with balloons! Organize a balloon raffle.
    You’ll need balloons, raffle tickets, and prizes, which can be donated from local businesses. Kids can purchase a balloon, pop it, and keep the raffle ticket found inside! Then organizers can draw a winning raffle ticket number, and the winner chooses their favourite prize! Children of all ages can participate, meaning even more tickets can be sold and more money donated to charity. A fun and easy way to give back!

Do you have another creative fundraising ideas for Kids? Comment below or share your unique fundraising ideas with CanadaHelps on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Plus, you can launch an online fundraiser in minutes on CanadaHelps, or learn more about fundraising for your favourite cause using these resources:

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