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It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since we launched our Giving Life Blog – and what an inspiring year it has been! When we started in March 2014, we envisioned Giving Life as an online community where Canadians, charities, and thought leaders could come together to share and engage on all things charitable. Since then, we’ve published nearly 150 posts from charities, nonprofit agencies, experts in charitable giving, individual donors and fundraisers, and the CanadaHelps staff – including 9 posts from our CEO, Marina Glogovac.

Guest bloggers from organizations such as Volunteer Canada, Imagine Canada, Canadian Association of Gift Planners, Hilborn, The Walrus, and the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations wrote on topics ranging from charities’ administrative costs, volunteering, and planned giving, to choosing your cause and the tax benefits of charitable giving. Read more from our guest bloggers»

Featured Read: Brad Offman argued that “Canada’s Charities Deserve Better” in a post about the way he thinks we focus too much on administrative costs when evaluating charities. Our readers were quick to join the conversation!

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We showcased the diversity of Canadian charities, providing greater visibility for under-represented charities, in an effort to increase understanding, giving and volunteering in Canada – a goal that is tightly aligned with our own charitable mission. Of the blogs we featured over the past year, 40 told the stories of the incredible work done by Canadian charities. Shining a spotlight on these charities on the Giving Life Blog has been one of our greatest accomplishments, and we hope it has helped you understand more about amazing organizations in Canada.  Read some of our amazing and diverse charity spotlights»

Featured Read: Small charity, Big Porpoise: Protecting the Ocean Mammals of the Pacific Northwest” from Oceans Research and Conservation Association. This small charity’s research supports conservation efforts in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Check out the stunning photos too!


Over the past year, our CanadaHelps team has contributed posts on donating securities and leaving a charitable legacy, the advantages of monthly giving, and help posts like “How Much Should You Give” and “How to Make Your Fundraiser a Success.” Donors, fundraisers, and volunteers wrote personal stories of giving back to their communities and the importance of charities in their lives.

Featured Read: Fundraising for Charity: A Manly Pursuit” – the inspiring story of “tough-guy” with a heart of gold who has raised more than $45,000 for charity.

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We also ran three featured series, the first in partnership with Ashoka Canada on social innovation and the second on crisis relief, to offer readers a deeper understanding of these trends within the sector, and the third focused on GivingTuesday Canada, an initiative we are proud to have co-founded.

Featured Read: Crisis in Calgary: A Zoo Underwater,” a harrowing story of the heroic acts taken to save the animals after the June 2013 floods at the Calgary Zoo.


We think connecting people and encouraging discussion on philanthropy, and sharing the stories of inspiring charitable work that is happening across the country is key to increasing giving and building a more caring Canada. We have so many great posts in store for you for the coming year. Want to join the conversation? Share your favourites with your family and friends and get them talking about charity. You can also share your own charitable story on the Giving Life Blog!

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