10 Creative Fundraising Ideas

Interested in fundraising for your favourite charity? Whether you’re looking for office fundraising ideas, an easy way to support a cause with your kids, or an idea to host a fundraising event on your own, there are so many ways that you can put the FUN in FUNdraising and make a big difference at the same time.

Plus, fundraising for your favourite cause has never been easier with the help of online fundraising tools to help you collect donations for your favourite charity, make sure your supporters receive a tax receipt, and ensure all of the funds raised reach your chosen charity quickly and securely.

To help get you started, here are a few fundraising ideas to spark your creativity:

Fundraising Ideas for Work

1. Go casual for charity.

Want to wear jeans and sneakers to the office on Monday? $5 please! Choose a charity that staff would like to support and allow employees to dress casually for the cost of a donation. Other coworkers will be so jealous of your comfort and chic style that they’ll want to go casual for a great cause.


2. Fundraise with a lunchtime cook-off.

Support your favourite charity in the most delicious way! Encourage coworkers to bring in their best dish to be judged, and the rest of your team will vote for their favourite dish in exchange for a donation in support of your fundraising campaign. The winner gets bragging rights, your coworkers get a tasty lunch, and you’ll raise money for a great cause—a win all around!

Online Fundraising Ideas

3. Host an online yard sale.

Gather items from donors, sponsors, family, or friends and use an online platform to advertise and manage bids. This online yard sale can include all of the gently used toys, clothes, and clutter around your home that still have life left in them. This simple way of fundraising online will be a win-win for bidders and the charity of your choice that will receive all of the proceeds.

4. Use social media to fundraise.

Challenge your friends and family to upload and share videos of themselves taking part in an activity that represents a charity or cause you care about. Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? You could start a viral campaign!

Quick and Easy Fundraising Ideas

5. Fundraise and match donations.

Feeling generous? Incentivise donors by matching all donations raised up to a specified amount. This way your friends and family have even more of a reason to give because their dollars are going even further to support a great cause! You can even do it online by posting on social media, and asking your friends and family to donate.

6. Fundraise with a bake sale.

This tried-and-tested fundraiser is popular for a reason, it’s easy to throw together, and it works! Whether at school, work, or a weekend hockey tournament, baked goods are hard to resist and it’s an even sweeter deal when you’re supporting a great cause. Brownies or chocolate chip cookies are both easy to make and hard to resist, making them the perfect bake sale goodies.

Team Fundraising Ideas

7. Host a dance-a-thon fundraiser.

Create teams that can compete in a dance-a-thon to see who can dance the longest without stopping. Collect pledges through an online fundraiser for every hour they dance! Each team can wear the same colour or matching t-shirts so they are easily identifiable, and they must keep their feet moving to stay in the competition. The last person moving wins for their team! The pledges along with an entrance fee for each team member are all donated to the cause.

8. Fundraise with a sporting tournament.

Organize a sporting tournament where teams pay an entrance fee, and all proceeds support the cause of your choice. Spectators can purchase a ticket to watch the tournament, and you can sell baked goods, water, or even t-shirts to raise additional funds. Whether you choose to shoot hoops, or choose to play another sport, it’s great fun for an even greater cause.

Unique Fundraising Ideas

9. Trade your registry for a fundraiser.

Planning a wedding or baby shower and don’t have room for all of the gifts that come along with it? Use your special occasion to launch a fundraiser to collect donations in lieu of gifts. Your guests will feel good when supporting a cause close to your heart rather than gifting another salad spinner, and you will feel great when using your special occasion to support your favourite cause.

10. Host a services auction to fundraise.

Host an auction where members of the community can pledge their services or skills, with proceeds going to a chosen cause. Whether it’s two hours of free landscaping, bookkeeping, or piano lessons, attendees will bid against each other to have friends or family at their service. Your favourite charity will benefit, and auction attendees will certainly benefit too!

Ready to get started? You can launch an online fundraiser on CanadaHelps for a cause close to your heart in just minutes.


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