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Creating a fundraiser is a fantastic opportunity to rally support for your favourite charity while creating memorable moments with cherished friends, family, colleagues, and the entire social network. It’s a chance to ignite genuine excitement and make a meaningful impact together. 

With CanadaHelps’ Fundraising Pages, it’s easy to turn every day into a unique fundraising opportunity. Explore these useful fundraising tips and get started on your philanthropic journey!

1. Special Occasions

fundraise for special occassions

Our family and friends help us mark our special occasions and achievements in life, and oftentimes, they want to show how much they care with a gift. But instead of a new material item for you or your child for a birthday, wedding, graduation, baby shower, or anniversary, you can ask for a gift that keeps on giving: the gift of a charitable donation. 

Our Fundraising Pages work much like a gift registry. You select the charities to support based on your interests and passions, and your loved ones can make donations in lieu of gifts. However, unlike a gift registry, there are no pre-determined gift prices, so your guests can give whatever amount they feel most comfortable with. And since they’ll receive a tax receipt, they may be able to give more.

2. In Honour of a Loved One

fundraise in honour of a loved one

When faced with life-altering events like illness or the loss of a loved one, many discover the remarkable impact of charitable organizations. Honouring someone’s memory and acknowledging the support they received, raising funds and awareness for a cause can bring a deep sense of fulfillment. It is also a beautiful way to celebrate and continue the legacy of a loved one with shared values.

3. Personal Challenges

fundraise for personal challenges

By making a personal sacrifice or overcoming a challenge, you demonstrate your passion for a cause – and passion can be contagious! Shave your head in solidarity with those who have lost their hair from an illness; push your physical limits by climbing a mountain, swimming a lake, or biking across the country; or try to break a world record. If you’re not the outdoorsy type, try giving up your favourite dessert or going vegetarian for a significant period of time. There is truly no feat too big or small when it’s for a good cause.

Get your children involved by setting challenges that suit their age and ability. Can they commit to reading a certain number of books in a month to raise money for a literacy organization, or will they pick up garbage in a local park to raise money for an environmental group?

The flexibility of a Fundraising Page allows you to use your strengths – whatever they may be – to encourage giving back within your community.

4. Team Challenges

Fundraise for team challenges

Fundraising with friends, family, and colleagues is an opportunity to create memories and have fun doing it – all for a good cause! Whether it’s bowling, a virtual game night, or a challenge to see who can walk the most steps in a week, gather your friends for some friendly competition where all participants pledge donations to your fundraiser!

5. Holiday Gifts

fundraise for the holidays

Holidays are an ideal time to launch a fundraiser, as they align with the spirit of giving and generosity that define almost all traditional, cultural, and religious holidays. Show support for your favourite charity by raising donations for them during the holiday season, when they need it most! By participating in your fundraiser, not only will your loved ones support you with a gift that doesn’t require wrapping and postage, but they will also be helping charities achieve their goals before the end of the year. It’s a win-win situation that spreads joy and makes a difference in the world!

Ready to embark on your fundraising journey? Get started in just a few easy steps with CanadaHelps

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    I would like to sell t-shirts through Canada Helps. Can you create an interface for sales?

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      Hi Gordon,

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    Can you create an online auction here to raise money?

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      Hi Michele — Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately we don’t currently have an online auction tool available at CanadaHelps. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email Thank you again for reaching out!